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Summary: An epic novel of politics, religion, war and love that will leave you wanting to read everything Julia Golding is capable of writing. Dragonfly (Dragonfly, book 1) by Julia Golding – book cover, description, publication history. Dragonfly. Princess Taoshira is appalled when she is ordered to marry Prince Ramil ac Burinholt in order to unite their lands. And Ramil’s not too pleased either .

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Den of Thieves Cat Royal, No. And children’s books tend to have a lot less ‘ah, everything’s going horribly wrong! Stripped of it by her kidnappers, she’s again just a girl with no real skills and few resources. I know I would have loved this book at age twelve or thirteen, and would golxing read and reread it passionately. Selected pages Title Page.

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They escape and get into a lot more action, meeting a variety of colorful characters along the way. And I was totally taken in by Tashi’s self-appointed protector Gordoc, who in his simple-mindedness often ended up more insightful than all of his so-called ‘knowledgeable’ friends. They allow each other to be themselves. Like when Tashi is locked up and being forced to denounce her faith in her “goddess”. I wish I could have gotten into there heads a little more.


After I read the book, I noticed you reviewed it perfectly with detail and all but enough so people who want to read it can without a big plot showing through.

Dragonfly – Julia Golding – Google Books

A last-ditch attempt to mend the rift between the two royals results in them being kidnapped by circus performers working for the Spearthrower, who has great plans for both Ramil and Tashi. Mines of the Minotaur The Companions Quartet, 3 4. I gollding enjoyed every page. Dragonflg the story even longer with a comment: That’s a different book entirely, set in Viking times.

I just wished the pace was slower so I could get into the book, more. A gorgeous fantasy novel with lots of humour, romance and action.

Ramil pretty much killed the book for me. The plot itself was pretty standard fare for the high fantasy genre. As I said at the start, I thought this book resembled The Princess Bride, especially with Gordoc, he to me was a lot like Fezzik the giant from that book.

But the major downfall of this book is the plot.

Her faith takes a ujlia hit, which leaves her bewildered and in despair. Since I rarely buy books. They were apart most of the time and all of a sudden, BAM! These elements lift this story from being a good yarn about two ill-suited teenagers trying to work together to survive, into a category reserved for stories that are simply sublime.

And in dtagonfly end she was a wonderful character! Read reviews that mention julia golding tashi and ramil well written blue crescent crescent islands fourth crown good book really enjoyed quite a bit crown princess full of adventure well developed enjoyed this book prince and one princess great story ever read love story tashi and ram love tashi love this book.


Before I ask a a question, I must say I’m a huge fan of your work, and I can read, reread and re-reread your stories any day of the week! They have more important jobs and the men work on dragonfy and in the navy fleet. They risk their lives to get back to their kingdoms- alive. Um, sorry, but no. Tasha, regarded everywhere as a witch though the Crescent people don’t do magic–there doesn’t seem to be any magic in this worldis treated volding and then thrown into a dungeon until she agrees to give up the goddess and worship the bloody god.

I would definitely recommend this book. Aug 13, Arya rated it it was amazing Shelves: Getting kidnapped and having to become a hero makes him grow up fast. And will the people they meet on their adventure help them or betray them to the enemy?