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JVC RxV Digital Surround System Receiver | Consumer Electronics, TV, Video & Home JVC RXV Digital Surround Sound System Receiver * Tested*. The key here is whether or not the unit clicks. When turned on, you should hear an initial clcik followed a short time later by another. I suspect. JVC RXV ( – ) watt x 2 Amp with JVC’s DYNAMIC SUPER-A architecture, both channels driven into 8 ohms from 20 Hz to

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Discussion in ‘ General Audio Discussion ‘ started by fullraphOct 22, Log in or Sign up. Hello everone One mont ago, a friend gave me an amplifier that he got in legacy by his grand-father, has the title say, it’s the JVC RXV I don’t know if it’s a good amp but it sound absolutely awesome.

I had tried to find the user manual on the net but apparently, he’s NOT on the rx7703v So, if somebody know something about this amp please reply to this post. Here is some pictures of the amp. Looks like you have the bigger brother to my JVC.

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I have a RX V. Can’t seem to find much about mine online either! I have no jvf, but i did manage to get SOME specs for it off a long ago for sale post. I’m sure some of them would apply to your unit.

Each band of tones can be adjusted as desired by the listener. A total of 10 preset patterns can be used. Numistrek09Oct 24, Thank’s for your answer! Hum pretty same ex703v mine Does someone jfc the class of this amplifier? I just had the same receiver given to me. It was sitting in a friends garage. Has some weight to it which is good. Havent pushed big speakers with it yet, just my infiniti RS3 bookshelf speakers. Sounds real nice and looks cool too!


Honestly the is probably pushing more then watts mine pushs watts same THD and what rx703 to give you a idea I found my info at a sale post to tho ahaha does anyone know what CSRP is?

Very very underrated amp.

It walks all over many many amps of its vintage. I’m a little late jvd this party. But I got the set up. My ownership experience with it and compared to other similar receiver brands, this one sounds the most clear and clean.

JVC Rm-sr703u Stereo Receiver Remote Control for Rx703v

I have only rx7703v it for music and rrx703v video, so far. I’ve owned it for almost a year. It does run slightly hot, but I am pushing 4 ohm speakers.

Again, not a issue. Nice build quality too. Manual operation is kinda ackward and hard to read. A clip light helps. I’ll say it, I’ve been under the impression JVC stuff sucks. But so far my experience with the brand has been positive and impressive.

JVC RXV DIGITAL Surround Sound System Receiver *Tested* – $ | PicClick

That’s going back to my vintage JR-s, R-k20, and various components. All have held up better than Sony and Yamaha components. ChefENov 23, I’ve had the since new, i bought it close out when it was new. White01LMay 26, I’ve been looking for information on it but I can’t find vjc. No specs, no user guides, service manuals, nothing.

Numistrek09 post has givin me the most info fo far. SlipshotJun 10, I couldn’t remember what volume level I was listening to the last time I used thebut odds are it was medium loud’ish.

Being late at night, I pushed the power button on then immediately pressed the volume ivc to reduce the output of sound instead of that first blast. There’s no way of knowing until the unit powers on. This design makes me appreciate most volume controls with turning knobs. When I did turn receiver on and press the volume down Sounded like it came from the rear left. Only one side plays now, left side. I removed the top and checked the fuses, inspected the guts, etc.


Everything visually seems ok. But why did it POP! And less one channel output? Better safe than sorry, I disconnected the rd703v its rig. It sat alone for a couple weeks.

To double check what side went out before writing this I hooked up the receiver to a pair of beater speakers and a iPad into the CD input jacks.

Plugs it in, powered on, and Wow, Both side play and play well. The healed jbc. Last week I purchased a used I didn’t need it. This model is slightly more user friendly, less powerful, and smaller in size. Internet search results were scant. ChefEJul 2, So uvc anyone have a user manual for ivc RXV?

I’ve found jack squat for the model on line. SlipshotJul 2, I’ve got a V and love it. It has gobs of clean power and still looks modern today imo. I will say I do not like the style of volume control, and mine needs a new super cap to store my EQ settings. My V isn’t going anywhere. I found the manual download at br ChefE ex703v, Jul 3, The rear of the JVC’s states: Has a switch for and ohm speakers.

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