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Micros offers: Varistor JVRN K – Varistor voltage V; e 95VAC; VDC; power W; tol. 10% (1/us) – J. Check to make sure the withstanding surge current of the varistor is sufficient. • Check whether the . ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü. 10 Φ JVR VARISTOR. VARISTORS JVR.. NR ZINC OXIDE VARISTOR:Varistor Voltage from 18 to V. Varistor Voltage. Diameter. 11, I.,. I. ~«~~:/2%a. -.

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The sub-nanosecond MOV response claim is based on the material’s intrinsic response time, but will be slowed down by other factors such as the inductance of component leads and the mounting method [15].

Metal Oxide Varistor

Examples include a loss of a neutral conductor or shorted lines on the high voltage system. Jvr10nk datasheet, jvr10nk pdf, jvr10nk pinout, jvr10nk equivalent, jvr10nk replacement metal oxide varistor rfe, schematic, circuit, manual jvr10nk datasheet pdf metal oxide varistor.

Guangdong Shunde Xuhai Electronic Co. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Temperature sensor,Thermistor,Fuse, Varistor ,Thermostat. Patch panel,keystone jack,crimping tools,fiber optic,terminal block. Another method for suppressing voltage spikes is the transient-voltage-suppression diode TVS. Shenzhen Huaan Electronic Limited. For historical reasons, many MOVs have been incorrectly specified allowing frequent swells to also degrade capacity.

Although diodes do not have as much capacity to conduct large surges as MOVs, diodes are not degraded by smaller surges and can be implemented with a lower “clamping voltage”. The Western Electric type telephone set of introduced a dynamic loop equalization circuit using varistors that shunted relatively high levels of loop current on short central office loops to adjust the transmission and vadistor signal levels automatically.


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Vraistor led ring light China natural garlic China jjvr submersible pump China sleepy baby varisfor China stem gate valve China diamond detector. Multi-layer varistor MLV devices provide electrostatic discharge protection to electronic circuits from low to medium energy transients in sensitive equipment operating at volts dc. Home induction cooker,Radiant induction cooker,commercial induction cooker,spare parts for induciton cooker,electronic components.

Contact Details Assessed Supplier. Search Related to “jvr varistor”: The term is only used for non-ohmic varying resistors. Archived from the original on In the s, small multiple-varistor mvr of a maximum dimension of less than one inch and apparently indefinite useful lifetime found application in replacing bulky electron tube circuits as modulators and demodulators in carrier current systems for telephonic transmission. The maximum operating voltage must be lower than the varistor voltage.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Other applications for varistors in the telephone plant included protection of circuits from voltage spikes and noise, as well as click suppression on receiver ear-piece elements to protect users’ ears from popping noises when switching circuits.

A series connected thermal fuse is one solution to catastrophic MOV failure.

This type contains a ceramic mass of zinc oxide grains, in a matrix of other metal oxides such as small amounts of bismuth, cobalt, manganese sandwiched between two metal plates the electrodes. Properly designed TVSS devices must not fail catastrophically, resulting in the opening of a thermal fuse or something equivalent that only disconnects MOV devices.


A varistor provides no equipment protection from inrush current surges during equipment startupfrom overcurrent created by a short circuitor from voltage sags also known as a brownout ; it neither senses nor affects such events.

JOYIN Metal Oxide Varistors Series JVR

The pictures of products are only demonstrative and may be different than the real uvr of products. The probability of catastrophic failure can be reduced by increasing the rating, or using specially selected MOVs in parallel.

The copper-oxide varistor exhibited a varying resistance in dependence on the polarity and magnitude of applied voltage. This section needs expansion. Under the right conditions of over-voltage and line impedance, it may be possible to cause the MOV to burst into flames, [17] the root cause of many fires [18] and the main reason for NFPA’s concern jv in UL in and subsequent revisions in and Changzhou Jiaguan Electronics Co.

JVRNK | JOYIN | Varistors | Online shop – Comet Electronics

Ningbo Zhongxincheng Electronics Co. When used as protection devices, they shunt the current created by the excessive voltage mvr from sensitive components when triggered.

The most common modern type of varistor is the metal-oxide varistor MOV. Wuhan Fofunction Electronics Co. Application varistr sustained over-voltage to a MOV can cause high dissipation, potentially resulting in the MOV device catching fire.

The name varistor is a portmanteau of varying resistor.