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Ficus macrophylla, commonly known as the Moreton Bay fig or Australian banyan , is a large evergreen banyan tree of the family Moraceae native to eastern. round_bl, round_br. Ficus villosa Blume. Family Name: Moraceae. Common Names: Shaggy-Leaved Fig, Villous Fig, Kelo. Shaggy-Leaved Fig,Villous Fig, Kelo. Previous ยท Next. Artocarpus teysmannii. Miq. Moraceae. + Synonyms. Artocarpus peduncularis Kurz. Common Name: Artocarpus teysmannii. Male inflorescence.

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It also cross-reacted with an antibody against the lectin of Osage Orange Maclura pomifera. Measurement of glucose and blood cholesterol levels in mice done 3 times ie 2 weeks after the adaptation period phase 12 weeks after administration of the oil phase 2 and 2 weeks after feeding cholesterol stage 3. Water and oil absorption capacities of TSF were 2. Qualidade de jaca Artocarpus heterophyllus, Lam.

Jackfruit Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam. East Roseville, New South Wales: The multiple shoots were maintained as stock cultures and repeatedly used to develop whole plants after root differentiation on a basal or an auxin-containing medium. It often grows with trees such as white booyong Argyrodendron trifoliolatumFlindersia species, giant stinging tree Dendrocnide excelsalacebark Brachychiton discolorred cedar Toona ciliatahoop pine Araucaria cunninghamiigreen-leaved fig Ficus watkinsiana and Cryptocarya obovata.

The acetylation had a significant impact on contents of elements determined with the atomic emission spectrometry, as it contributed to an increased Na content and decreased contents of Ca and K. Further, these actions on the sexual behaviour was not due to general toxicity, liver toxicity, stress or reduction in blood testosterone level but due to marked sedative activity.

Functional properties and utilization of Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam seed starch from new species in China. As for the color attribute score 3.


To identify the active components, a bioassay-guided isolation of the partially purified fraction resulted in the identification of a geranyl dihydrochalcone, CG Systematic chromatographic methods were further applied to purify the chemicals in the twigs of A. M3 yielded the greatest recovery of starch Daun penumpu sepasang, besar, runcing. Renewal resources and environmental friendly of natural polymer reason for the researcher to explore the potential of this material in order to improve our quality of live.


Extraction and characterization of artocarpus integer gum as pharmaceutical excipient. The Peleg model was used to describe about kinetic model of natural dye extraction. Full Text Available The katakteristik of mineral and vitamin from breadfruit is particularly known of having benefits compared to rice which is a main source of carbohydrate consumed by societies.

Badan Litbang Kehutanan, Departemen Kehutanan. The macronutrient contents, rapidly and slowly available glucose SAG contents, water solubility index of the jackfruit meal were determined according to standard methods. Resprouting capacity of seedlings after clipping was significantly affected by seed mass and light regime. Artocarpanone isolated from Artocarpus karakreristik Lam. Bila dilukai, mengeluarkan getah kuning muda atau hampir tak berwarna.

Sugarcane starch showed higher susceptibility to glucoamylase compared to that of waxy maize, cassava, and potato starch. Molecular docking employing Glide, Schrodinger suitewas used to study the binding affinities of small molecules from the Artocarpus moraveae after their drug-like properties were ascertained.

The proteolytic activities of protein were tested using gelatin- and casein-zymography. Properties of retrograded and acetylated starch produced via starch extrusion or starch hydrolysis with pullulanase.

Plant starch is naturally phosphorylated at a fraction of the C6 and the C3 hydroxyl groups during karakteritsik biosynthesis in plastids. The optimized JFSS-GG beads containing metformin HCl exhibited significant hypoglycemic effect in alloxan-induced diabetic rats over prolonged karaktetistik after oral administration.

Norartocarpetin from a folk medicine Artocarpus communis plays a melanogenesis inhibitor without cytotoxicity in B16F10 cell and skin irritation in mice.

Compounds 8, 10, and 11 significantly inhibited superoxide anion formation akrakteristik fMLP-stimulated rat neutrophils while compounds 2, 3, 5, and 6 evoked the stimulation of superoxide anion generation. The optimized beads showed pH-dependent swelling and mucoadhesivity with the goat intestinal mucosa.


Full Text Available Artocarpus hirsutus Lam. Corner reduced this to synonymy with F.

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Full Text Available This paper presents investigation results of saturation conditions needed for purification of jacalin lectin from the extract seeds of Artocarpus heterophyllus by ammonium precipitation and affinity chromatography on Galactose-Affi gel Hz. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah memanfaatkan tepung sukun dalam pembuatan kudapan sebagai alternatif makanan bergizi untuk PMT-AS.

The plantlets were successfully grown under greenhouse conditions and were reused to initiate additional shoot cultures for sustained production of plants. The fruit is small, round and greenish, ripening and turning purple at any time of year; it is known as a syconiuman inverted inflorescence with the flowers lining an morceae cavity. Full Text Available The present study examines the antioxidative, hypoglycemic, and hypolipidemic activities of Artocarpus heterophyllus jack karakterisfik leaf extracts JFEs.

To our knowledge, this is the first report of P. Utilization starch of jackfruit seed Artocarpus heterophyllus as raw material for bioplastics manufacturing using sorbitol as plasticizer and chitosan as filler.

The results revealed marked differences in GI among the different foods studied ranging from 35 se 3 to 94 se 8. Copyright c Elsevier B. The data were analyzed using analysis of variance anova and Duncan analysis.

Both aqueous and methanolic extracts of fruiting body were analyzed for radical scavenging activity. A high degree positive correlation was found between ash, amylose, and total starch content. The results indicated that the jackfruit pulp is one natural source of antioxidant compounds.