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View and Download LG KG service manual online. KG Cell Phone pdf manual download. Also for: Kg PCS GSM Phone with Bluetooth Users Manual details for FCC ID BEJKG made by LG Electronics USA. Document Includes User Manual. Get LG Electronics KG Owners manual. Get all LG Electronics manuals!.

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You can resend the message. Copying, modifying anddistributing this document without the consent ofLG Electronics are prohibited.

Guidelines for Safe and Efficient Use Some hearing aids might be disturbed by mobile phones. View modeYou can view Full image or Full screen.

Press right soft key [Quit] to stop thealarm, and the alarm is released. Page 91 ] View status: OptionsPress theAlbumto record the image. The cursor is on the currentdate, and the registered date ismarked. You manyal play and watch asaved video file in this menu. Multi Download Procedure 1.

A window will appearon the screen asking you to enteryour password. You can insert sounds that are available for short messages. You can see the storedgames. Page 99 Note Always use genuine LG accessories.


LG KG290 User Manual

To change to mode in a text entry field, press mode is displayed. If you select this menu, yourphone will receive Info servicemessages. From the main menu you can also go into a submenu by directly pressing the corresponding numeric key as follows.

Change frequency band Menu 9.

LG KG Product Support :Manuals, Warranty & More | LG U.A.E

You can insert the imagesthat are available for shortmessages. Disabling this function will preventthe browser from downloadingimages from the server, thusallowing faster transmission.

Configures manjal default settings determined bythe service provider. Listen Voicemail Messaging Listen voicemail This menu provides you with a quick way of accessing your voice mailbox if provided by your network.

SettingsCall barring Menu 9.

Profiles In Profiles, you can adjust and customise the phone tones for different events, environments, or caller groups.

Multimedia Video camera This application enables you to record a video clip. You cansend a business card via theMultimedia or Text message also. We recommend you to use thestereo headset in order toappreciate the music of high quality.

You can resetthe channels. LG-G is maunal differential configuration. Page 43 ToolsAlarm clockMenu 3. You can delete all ofthe words written. Functional Block Diagram Manuxl. To remove the battery. Microphone Trouble K C C 2.


You can chooselanguages and also deactivate theT9 input mode by selecting ‘T9off’. The cursor is on the current date, and the registered date is marked.

If the power isleft on, there is a chance you couldlose the stored telephone numbersand messages. Follow theinstructions supplied with the SIMcard. When you have finished entering the data, press the left soft key [Save] key to save the new task.

Select this to delete all the schedule notes and memos. To make text input easier, use T9. You can deletemultiple messages together. Middle lines Display messages,instructions and anyinformation that youenter, such asnumber to be dialled.

Press the left soft key [Snooze]. Note] The quality of the conversation maychange depending on networkcoverage.