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constitution. 0 references. country · Poland. 0 references. scanned file on Wikimedia Commons · Konstytucja Marcowa ().pdf × 1,, 26 pages; Andrzej Garlicki, Przewr ot majowy [May Coup d’ etat] (Warsaw: Czytelnik, ), À 7. Andrzej Burda, Konstytucja marcowa. Dokumenty naszej tradycji. See S. Estreicher, Nasza Konstytucja [Our Constitution] (). See the constitution of the Polish Republic, Mar. 17, 1, in Burda, Konstytucja Marcowa.

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The Republic of Poland, basing its organization on the principle of broad territorial self-government, will delegate to the bodies representing this self-government the proper domain of legislation, especially in administrative, cultural and economic fields, to be defined more fully by statutes of the state.

The President of the Republic exercises the executive power through ministers responsible to the Sejm and through officials subordinated to the Ministers. Every citizen has the right to teach, to found a school or educational institution, and to direct it if he complies with the requirements laid down by statutes concerning the qualifications of teachers, the safety of the child entrusted to him, and a loyal attitude toward the state.

All Formats Paperback Sort by: Piast Poland to No one may be at the same time a member of the Sejm and of the Senate. The Republic of Poland recognizes all property, whether belonging personally to individual citizens or collectively to associations of citizens, institutions, self-government organizations, or the state itself, as one of the most important bases of social organization and legal order, and guarantees to all citizens, institutions, and associations, protection of their property, permitting only in cases provided by a statute the abolition or limitation of property, whether personal or collective, for reasons of higher utility, against compensation.

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The President of the Republic is elected for seven years by the absolute majority of the votes of the Sejm and the Senate united in National Assembly. The land, as one of the most important factors of the existence of the nation and the state, may not be the subject of unrestricted ionstytucja commerce.

Religious freedom may not be used in a way contrary to statutes. The President of the Republic makes treaties with other states and brings them to the notice of the Sejm.


File:Konstytucja Marcowa ().pdf – Wikimedia Commons

The President of the Republic is not responsible either to Parliament or at civil law. It is the duty of citizens to bring up their children as righteous citizens of the mother country, and to secure to them at least elementary education.

Contemporary Poland from Minister Spraw Wojskowych Sosnkowski.

On the motion of the Marshal, of a Government representative, or of thirty deputies, the Sejm may vote the secrecy of its meetings. The employees of the Sejm are appointed konstytuca the Marshal, who is responsible to the Sejm for their actions.

Konstytucja marcowa by Aneta Rybarska on Prezi

Every bill passed by the Sejm will marciwa submitted to the Senate for consideration. Eligibility is enjoyed by every citizen konstytjcja has the right of voting for the Senate, not excluding members of the army in active service, provided that citizen is forty years of age on the day of the proclamation of the elections. The amended constitution remained in force untilwhen it was substituted with a new Basic Law. An konstytudja from decisions of state and self-government organs will be allowed only to one superior body, unless other provisions are made by statutes.

Statutes will put into effect the principle that from penal decisions of administrative authorities, made in the first instance, the parties concerned will have the right to appeal to the competent court. The organs of the nation marcoaa Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Before assuming office, the President of the Republic takes his oath in the National Assembly, in the following terms:. The parliamentary responsibility of the ministers is enforced by the Sejm by an ordinary majority.

A deputy may not, either in his own name or in the name of another, buy, or acquire the lease of, any real property of the state, contract for public supplies or government works, or obtain from the government any concessions or other personal benefits. The right to vote oknstytucja be exercised only in person. All schools and educational institutions, public as well as private, are subject to supervision by state authorities within the limits prescribed by statutes. A citizen may be prosecuted and punishment inflicted marckwa by virtue of a statute actually in force.

The direction and supervision of religious instruction in schools belongs to the respective religious communities, reserving to the state educational authorities the right of supreme supervision.

Punishments involving physical suffering are not permitted, and no one may be subjected to such punishment. Freedom of conscience and of religion is guaranteed to all citizens. ,arcowa


One of the main things was to draw up a constitution. Children without sufficient parental care, neglected mmarcowa respect to education, have the right to state care and aid within the limits to be deter mined by statute. Within the same limits, the ministers are jointly and individually responsible for the governmental acts of the President of the Republic.

File:Konstytucja Marcowa (1921).pdf

The contracting of maarcowa state loan, the alienation, exchange or pledging of immovable property of the state, the imposition of taxes and public dues, the determination of customs duties and monopolies, the establishment of the monetary system kontytucja the taking over by the state of a financial guarantee, can take place only by the authority of a statute.

Polish citizens belonging to national, religious, or linguistic konstytufja have the same right as other citizens of founding, supervising, and administering at their own expense, charitable, religious, and mwrcowa institutions, schools and other educational institutions, and of using freely therein their language, and observing the rules of their religion.

Previous Decree on the electoral system for the C The right to vote belongs to every Polish citizen without distinction of sexwho, on the day of the proclamation of the elections, is twenty-one years of age, is in full possession of civil rights, and is a resident of the electoral district at least from the day preceding the proclamation of the elections in the Journal of Laws.

The Republic of Poland does not recognize privileges of birth or of estate, or any coats of arms, family or other titles, with the exception of those of learning, office, or profession. Minister of Labour and Welfare J. No citizen may suffer a limitation of the rights enjoyed by other citizens, by reason marcoaa his religion and konsyytucja convictions.

Minister of Agriculture and State Properties J. In Decemberthe National Assembly both of the parliamentary chambers together elected the first president of the Republic of Poland. Immediately upon his impeachment before the Court of State, the President of the Republic is suspended from office.