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The vile sorcerer Sidi plans to strike the kingdom a fatal blow, setting the murderous pirate Bear upon the high seas in pursuit of the vessel that is transp. Return now to a kingdom in constant peril: a scarred land, both magical and wonderous. New York Times bestselling author Raymond E. Feist continues his. Book Three of the Riftwar Legacy gets off to a fast start, as pirates attack the ship Ishap’s Dawn in order to steal the Tear of the Gods, a sacred magical gem.

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View all 8 comments. I think, because for a trilogy based on a computer game, this one felt the most like tewr the transcript of someone playing a game.

Krondor: Tear of the Gods – Wikipedia

Aug 10, Belinda rated it it was amazing Shelves: But it was done way better than The Betrayal. Refresh and try again. Feist — one of the world ‘s preeminent fantasists — continues his extraordinary Riftwar Legacy with a sweeping tale of conflict, trial, and grim necessity, as the forces of good join together to staunch the golden lifeblood flowing from the pierced heart of Mid Return now to a kingdom in constant peril; a land magical, scarred, and wondrous, where great heroes rise up from adversity to battle fearsome enemies who covet the riches within its borders.

Mar 16, Christine Ku rated it really liked it. Sep 21, Steve Brooker rated it really liked it. Add in evil wizards, skeleton warriors, vampires, witches. And, since the fans of the series are most likely Riftwar fans, I am guessing he decide placing it in that time period made more sense. Don’t take it too seriously in the history of things on Midkemia – remember the gist, not the details, and it’ll fit right in.

Admittedly, he was struggling with personal troubles at the time that he wrote it, and it’s based on a game, but regardless of the reasons, the book isn’t up to par. But rumour has it that the newborn son of the last king of Ithrace survived Squire James, William, and Jazhara must godds out the location of the gem, with Brother Solon, a warrior priest of Ishap, and Kendaric, the sole member of the Wreckers’ Guild with the power to raise the ship.


Nope Is it fun as hell? For the local area though, does have a nice horror sort of theme to it. Overall would recommend to everyone going through these series. Oct 30, Z0nky rated it liked it. Yes, the liche get’s his second death, but who was Sidi?

Krondor: Tear of the Gods

Once again the sewers of Krondor teem with assassins and monsters as the tera of destiny nears. This third tale in The Riftwar Legacy is a breathless race for a priceless treasure.

The Riftwar Legacy 3Riftwar Cycle Hartraft’s Marauders, a crack band of kingdom raiders, are a special unit designed to infiltrate and fight behind enemy lines. For three days battle has raged in the snow around the great city of Tar Valon.

During that year Feist had some ideas for a novel about a boy who would be a magician. From Publishers Weekly Book Three of the Riftwar Legacy gets off to a fast start, as pirates attack the ship Ishap’s Dawn in order to steal the Tear of the Gods, a sacred magical gem being transported in the ship’s hold. When Krondor’s enemies gain possession of the powerful stone known as the Tear of the Gods, Prince Arutha sends his loyal gds to recover it, knowing that he may be sending his friends to their deaths or worse.

His love affair with Talia is his only saving grace really, and when she gets bumped off unceremoniously, you can’t help but lose interest in his plight even more.

After searching the shop, they discover that the spy was a double agent, working for the crime lord The Crawler. This story links into what’s happening later in the series with the Nameless One.


Not kronddor to situation he was put in. The latest chapter in the Krondor saga is sure to please Feist fans and win new ones among readers who crave Dungeons and Dragons-style fantasy adventure. The most powerful artifact known to the Temples of Midkemia, this colossal gem allows the priests to speak with their gods. It had ups and downs though.

Bu kitapta karakterler cok zayif kalmis. That child must be found before he can be killed by the forces of the Shadow. Ttear 06, Lindsey rated it really liked it Shelves: Also, it takes place after the Riftwar but before several books farther along in the series that I have already read. Copyright Reed Business Information, Inc. Surekli ayni krkndor tekrar eden catismalar da bu sayfayi onceden okumustum hissi veriyor.

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Krondor: Tear of the Gods by Raymond E. Feist

A new teear from internationally best-selling author Raymond E. There has been peace awhile, and it’s been needed. And more Jimmy, which is always a pleasure.

I was once an orphaned kitchen boy, with no family and no prospects, but I am destined to become a master magician…War is coming to the Kingdom of the Isles from another world, bringing tar it chaos and destruction.

My expectations are low, considering the rest of this series, but it’s been an age since I’ve read any new Feist so, fingers crossed! Worst of all, none of the characters experience any real progression.