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OD She. Laoureux. A Practical Method for Violin. Part 1. REPORT OF PROFESSOR CÉSAR THOMSON. ΤΟ. M. F.-A. GEVAERT. DIRECTOR OF THE ROYAL. : Practical Method – Part 1 (Supplement): Violin Method ( ): Nicolas Laoureux: Books. Laoureux Nicolas Practical Method Violin Part 1 Violin solo.

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With our machines we can adjust the weight by square meters of the layers, and also the fiber direction crossed or not.

Practical Method for Violin Part 1 – Elements Of Bowing And Left-Hand

To find out more click here. For the felt manufacturer the challenge is to make low density felt because it has superior damping properties however it is much, much more difficult to produce.

Normally felt is graded by 2 criteria: You’ll receive the new properties corresponding to your search in your mailbox. This website uses cookies. Surface Minimum surface Maximum surface Update.

Music books : Violin Method Part 1 by Nicolas Laoureux

Do you want to continue with this property? You can change your permission settings at any time. You could find on the market bass dampers with densities from 0.

We will use the right weight of wool at the right dimension taking in consideration the shrinking coefficient we will apply.


The piano mechanism called the dampers simply press felt blocks on the vibrating strings to terminate the singing tone.

Min number of rooms Max number of rooms Update. This is again a hand-made process, one piece at a time. That is why it is more expensive than denser felt. The felt pressed against the strings absorbs string vibration. Your alert is active. When your finger depresses a key on the piano, the string vibrates allowing us to hear the wonderful tone of the piano.

The purpose of the damper then is to laoyreux the wave and subsequently, the sound.

Here we calibrate the thickness of the felt, for example Those vibrations are in fact frequencies like sinusoid signals pictured above. On any modern piano there are usually 3 sets of strings: A — Wool opening and Blending: The damping techniques and felt types are really different to mute different thicknesses of strings and their varying degrees laoureix energy.

It was a good choice. Lzoureux buy the wool taking into consideration the length of the fibers told in millimetresdiameter of the fibers told in micronsand ability to felt more or less the curving of the fibers. Speaking of damping properties, what makes for great dampers?

It laoureuux a natural process no chemicals involved where the fibers are matted together via friction. But before we delve into piano dampers, we need to take a brief look at the piano strings. If we were using only one type of wool for each production, we would have different results from one production run to another and so good blending allows consistency in production.


Dimensions of the felt should be controlled because we need to keep consistency in the shrinking. Ironically, you pay more even if there is laoursux wool inside because it is much softer but contains greater damping properties.

Your e-mail alert will be saved and sent to. The job consists of making felt the same from top to bottom. Details Mail Contact Tel.

Pierre Laoureux – rally profile

This is what makes great dampers. It takes much more time, involving more hands-on processes and also involves a lot of waste.

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