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The red ship is much larger when compared to the pilot ship. In this massive set we get 7 minifigures, 2 of them with life jacket.

REVIEW: Launch and Load Seaport – LEGO Town – Eurobricks Forums

I remember during the early 90s always drooling over this set in those little catalogs, and now thanks to the internet I can drool over pictures of this set online! The red ship is a fully brick-built vessel which is 10 studs wide and 37 studs long. Links Brickset Peeron Bricklink My photobucket The box The box shown below is the blue version and have a giant flap with a plastic tray inside. I own this set and remember the excitement I had when I purchased it in early ‘s.

This set looks incredible! The price was right, I have instructins friend working in Singapore, 1 friend with a paypal account to help me buy, so I instantly ordered it!! I legl really like the newer ships with the one huge floating base no need in my idea to have a floating LEGO boat as you can’t really use it instructtions.

Instructions for 6542-1 – Launch & Load Seaport

I can imagine a variety of goods stored in the area. Edited February 26, by DashIngG. A similar Forty-foot-quivalent 652 is represented by a 4×16 stud container found in another railway set. The dock is huge; so huge that I have problems taking a good picture of the entire set without having those dreaded studio lines.


Bought it for USD I would love to get my hands on one. Containers There are 4 different types of 4×8 containers given in this set.

Elgo Classic Town Set in terms of number of pieces Largest City Set excluding modular 5 digit buildings in terms of number of pieces First Classic Town set to break pieces. Pilot Boat The pilot boat meanwhile is a 6 stud wide jet boat made of mostly blue bricks.

The bow of the ship features a sticker showing the name of the ship “Atlantic” as well as a light and hook connected to a pulley. There is space for the captain and his 1st mate. Two weeks later he came back for a friend’s wedding 2 weeks before Chinese New Year, so my ang pow came early!

This is by far my favorite set as a child and I have it dissasembled somewhere. The fork can be pressed all the way down to lift up containers. One of my favourite sets ever I always loved to see a review about this gem; great job The entire “economy” of my Lego town was built around this harbor. The project shall equip strategic Lego Towns with its own seaport where each seaport complex shall have 2 sections; a Launch and Load Seaport to deal with standard 4×8 stud containers and an Intercoastal Seaport for oversized containers or goods.

Edited February 26, by Rick. At the back there is fifth wheel to connect the trailer. The picture below shows far the fork can be pressed.


I think the best part, and the thing I noticed right away is that the cargo ship is all brick made. Introduction “It was the early nineties; the Lego nation was on its best economic bullrun in recent memory.

It was am immerse project to undertake; in some Towns it was the largest project the local LG has ever undertaken. I really all the detailes on the port. Sign In Sign Up. Great Job with the review, it was one of the best i’ve read. The coverage is sufficient for the red ship provided.

Thank you for this wonderful review!

LEGO Launch & Load Seaport Set 6542 Instructions

The forklift in this set is a 4 stud vehicle with 4 large tires and a spring operated forklift. How do you rate this set? Each 4×8 stud container represents a Twenty-foot-equivalent TEU container which is commonly used in the shipping industry. Like its real-life counterpart, the trailer can carry either 2 nos of 4×8 stud container 2 nos of TEUs or 1 nos of 4×16 stud container 1 nos of Forty-foot container or FEU. In an effort to satisfy the urgent need to facilitate trade as much as possible, The Lego Government TLG decided to embark on a massive logistic facility project.

I wish I’ll buy this set in the future.