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Olympus Confocal microscope LEXT OLS photo Description: Confocal laser scanning microscopes allow for observations of three-dimensional shapes, . Olympus Confocal microscope LEXT OLS Description: Confocal laser scanning microscopes allow for observations of three-dimensional shapes, such as. The Olympus LEXT OLS laser scanning confocal microscope, noncontact, nondestructive 3D observations and measurements are easy to produce. Simply .

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The OLS laser confocal microscope precisely los3100 shape and surface roughness at the submicron level. Data acquisition lextt four times faster than our previous model delivers a significant boost to productivity. The nm violet laser and dedicated high-NA objectives make it possible to capture fine patterns and defects that conventional optical microscopes, white-light interferometers, or red laser-based microscopes are unable to detect.

Dedicated LEXT objectives can accurately measure peripheral areas that would otherwise get distorted. The 4K scan technology scans 4, pixels — four times more than our previous model — in the X-axis direction.

Olympus Lext OLS Manuals

The OLS microscope can detect slopes that are almost vertical as well as very low steps without image correction. Because conventional laser microscopes use standard image processing techniques such as smoothing to eliminate noise, they sometimes lose accurately measured fine height irregularities along with the noise. The information on this page, including the accuracy guarantee, is based on conditions set by Olympus.

The microscope’s scanning algorithm delivers improved data quality and greater speed to reduce the scan time and streamline your workflow, resulting in better productivity.

This algorithm provides highly accurate data from low to high magnifications and reduces the data acquisition time. Loading the player… source OLS When measuring the shape of steps on a sample containing near-vertical planes, such as an electronic component or MEMS, the data acquisition time can be reduced by limiting the Z-direction scanning range. The system features automatic data capture, so difficult setting adjustments are no longer necessary. Even users with minimal training can still obtain accurate results.

Simple Analysis for product page. The simple analysis function measures the step, line width, surface roughness, area, and volume only in the specified measurement areas.

Measurement of R and ols310 height from the reference plane based on the automatic recognition of a circular shape in the specified region.

Smart Judge processing automatically eliminates measurement noise without compromising data accuracy, while Smart Leveling detects the main horizontal plane reference o,s3100 at the zero height position. Activate both with a single click. All of the operations and procedures lxet in a report can be saved as a template. Using this template when repeating the same measurements makes it possible to obtain an analysis report on the next set of data that applies the same procedures.


Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope: Olympus LEXT OLS

The extension frame for the OLS microscope accommodates samples with a height of up to mm, while the ultra-long working distance objective facilitates measurement of concavities as deep as 25 mm. In both cases, all you have to do is place the sample on the stage. Olympus offers a line of 10x to x objectives ols31000 of reducing aberrations at a scale of nm.

Low power and long working distance objectives are also available in this series. The measurement performance of all dedicated LEXT objectives is guaranteed, so you can select the one best suited to the sample you’re observing.

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Menu More Contact Us. Request a Demo Test your application. Precise imaging Capture the shape of any surface.

Fast Get reliable data four times faster than our previous model. Easy to operate Just place your sample and press the Start button. Longer working distance for larger samples Measure samples that are up to mm tall. Lwxt lateral resolution The nm violet laser and dedicated high-NA objectives make it possible to capture fine patterns and defects that conventional optical microscopes, white-light interferometers, or red laser-based microscopes are unable to detect.

Red type nm: Speed Get answers quickly: Band scan 1-line data acquisition. Measurement of the step height difference and distance between two specified regions.

Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope: Olympus LEXT OLS3100

Measurement of the difference in angle between two specified regions. Measurement of the surface roughness in the specified region. Measurement of the width by automatically detecting edges in the specified region. Conduct the inspection and take measurements. Output the report and save the template. During the next acquisition, open the ols31100 template. Instantly output a report based on the template. Connecting rod Tool Piston head. Measuring the Profile pls3100 a Bonding Wire Ball.


Measuring the Thickness of Photoresist Film.

Measuring the shape of scratches on vehicle-mounted camera lenses. Measuring the roughness of the inner wall of medical tubing. Surface roughness measurement of the cam lobe of a camshaft.

Roughness measurement of an engine valve face using a laser microscope. Observation and measurement of profile changes in wiper blades using a laser microscope. Surface profile measurement of oil seals using a laser microscope. Measurement of the inner wall waviness and roughness of a turbocharger housing using a laser microscope. Evaluating the shape of plastic bottle drinking spouts. Evaluation of Oil Grooves on the Sides of Pistons. Evaluation of the Inner Surface of Cylinder Liners.

Evaluating the shape of a plastic bottle vent hole of drinking spout. Surface Roughness Evaluation of Memory Cards. Evaluating the Internal Roughness of Injector Nozzles. Burrs on processed metal goods.

High-definition observation of the metal structure of materials for thermal power plant piping. Surface roughness of single-portion containers of coffee cream. Surface roughness of zipper poly bag fastener rails. Measuring the volume of adhesive drops. Dimensional measurement of perforations on a paper box.

Dimensional measurement of embossed carrier tape for capacitors. Step measurement of transparent film applied to a glass surface. Inspection of the processed shape of expanded metal.

Surface profile evaluation ole3100 materials for lithium-ion battery collectors. Quantitative Investigations of the Interconnect. Los3100 towards a Future of Affordable Solar Energy. Studying the Electro-mechanical Behavior of Thin Films. Setting standards in optical metrology at the PTB. Alternative Materials for Alternative Energy.

The future of industrial quality control. Evaluating Sample Preparation of Stone Tools: Effects of Cleaning on Surface Llext. Lining Up an Array of Opportunities. Videos Metal Industry Inspection Solutions video. Basic Principles of Laser Scanning Microscopes. FAQs Learn about microscope. LEXT Roughness measurement guidebook. Solutions Metal Industry Inspection Solutions. Wind Turbine Inspection Solutions.

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