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Que a través de la Ley Nº se instituyó con alcance nacional y obligatorio un Régimen de Asignaciones Familiares. Que dicha norma abarca a los. Reglamentación de la Ley sobre Promoción de la reducción del consumo de sodio en la población;. Referencias Normativas: Ley Nº ; Ley Nº ; Decreto Nº /; Decreto Nº /; Decreto Nº /; Decreto Nº 33/ Que la Ley Nº.

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No provisions regarding the right to return to work have been identified. Workers are entitled to paid paternity leave, with the exception of public, domestic and agricultural workers. The remainder of the total leave period shall then be added to her post-natal leave.

Furthermore, is forbidden to occupy women in painful, dangerous or unhealthy jobs. The employer shall provide unpaid leave of up to five calendar days for the birth of a child. To be in “excedencia” for 3 up to 6 months. Employees adopting newborns shall be granted one of the parents paid leave leg the period from the date of adoption until expiry of fifty six days from the birth date of the child. The employer shall provide unpaid leave to an employee for caring for a child until it reaches the age of three years: Historical data year indicates year of data collection In the case of a premature birth, the full period of leave that the worker did not take before her confinement shall be carried over to the period of her confinement, so that she is granted 90 days altogether.

ILO Social Security Inquiry – Economic and financial data

Amended text s Act Not provided Act No. Although the Act on Employment Contracts does not have any provision that expressly prohibit the dismissal of a woman on the grounds of pregnancy, it does guarantee that, during this period, every woman shall 27414 guaranteed stability of employment during her pregnancy, which shall constitute an acquired right from the date on which she duly notifies her employer of the fact that she is pregnant, with confirmation in the form of a medical certificate.


The prohibition was abolished. Social Security Programs Throughout the World: There is not express prohibition for pregnant workers to work during rest days. No qualifying conditions have been identified.

Summaries and full texts in the TRAVAIL Legal Database are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to replace consultation of the authentic legal texts. The latter may establish leu for calculating the maximum hours based on average, according to the characteristics of the activity.

The law on agricultural leey establishes a similar protection scheme for maternity, which covers all agricultural workers. One of the objectives of this norm is the elimination of discrimination among women and men.

TRAVAIL legal databases

Professors covered by the Statute of Professors are entitled in case of adoption of children under 7 years old to paid leave during 90 days.

It is prohibited to order the execution of work at home to women employed in local or any other unit in the company. Social security Parental leave benefits Not provided Act No. Not provided specially for pregnant 24174.

The employer shall, on the basis of a medical opinion, transfer a pregnant woman to other work excluding any impact of harmful and or hazardous production factors, with retention of the average wage. The reduction of the maximum legal only proceed when setting national rules and regulations of the matter, including provision of individual contracts or collective labor agreements. Public sector usually is covered by special statutes that include maternity and paternity leave.


Argentina – Maternity protection – 2011

Exception provided for those works where a break may affect the workers or the general interest or the shifts of continuous work. Exception provided for Banks and Leg.

Men who are privately employed, whatever the form of employment contract, beneficiaries of the Act on Labour Risks; beneficiaries of unemployment benefits; beneficiaries of the Act on the Integrated Retirement and Pensions System; and beneficiaries of the non-contributory pensions plan for disability, and national, provincial or municipal civil service employees. Workers are entitled to paid paternity leave, with the exception of public, domestic and agricultural workers.

A woman worker shall notify her employer of her pregnancy, and shall produce a medical leh stating the expected confinement date.

Decreto Nº 1345/2007

Furthermore, “plan nacer” ensures registered disadvantage women with free medical 247114 during pregnancy, confinement and after confinement Act Asia and the Pacific,Kazakhstan http: Decree of 18 April Modifying the Act. Working mothers that need a leave to take care of a sick child, may opt to: However, the norm on Labour risks establishes general rules to guarantee the safety and health of all workers and the duties in head of employers, employees and Professional risks managers.

Ninety days Extension A woman worker who has worked for more than one year in the enterprise may opt to extend her maternity leave for a period of not less than three months and not more than six months to care of the child.