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Ley No. , Sobre Procedimiento de Casación, Modificada por la Ley No. 08 · Ley No. , Que Instituye la Jurisdicción Contencioso-Administrativa. 09 01 1 24 FAI LURES AT SH 1 R LEY BAS IN T OF (, PT IM i Z E D DESIGN PARAM ET. $3 »A’LEY. KAY Ann Ava. Shafter. Calk.—2* .. $6 99 BAKER .. $ DEMERY. JASPER Box Wasco. Calif—3* .. $ DIAZ.

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Date of first publication, March 23, There will be dialogue, songs, recitations and Instrumental music. Rnwe, deceased, having filed herein his verified petition praying for an order to mortgage certain real estate described in said petition, and alleging that It 1b necessary to mortgage the said real estate in order to pay the debts outstanding against said deceased, and the debts and charges of administration of said estate of deceased, and to pay a certain mortgage already subsisting on said real estate; Notice Is hereby given to all persons Interested In the said estate to appear before said Superior Court on Monday, the Mh day of April, In this hour listeners will be entertained by Professor Knickleblne and his amusing pupils.

The familiar setting of a country schoolhouse will be used. It Is probably one of the best-known tales ever to be presented before the microphone.

Brown recalls as if the incidents of which he speaks occurred yesterday. The purchaser must assume the paving. GOOD Chevrolet touring car for sale by original owner, in good condition. Extra large lot with bearing fruit and 4-room house, bargain, easy terms. The down payment is If you are thinking of getting a Plymouth grab this. Rosslter, the Secretary of said corporation, P.

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Land, doccosed, to the creditors of and aH persons having claims against the said deceased, to file them, with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice, in the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of the State of California, In and for the County of San Bernardino, or to exhibit them, with the necessary vouchors, within four months after the first publication of this notice to the said administrator at the office of Grant Holcomb, attorney for administrator.


Continued from Page Thirteen years, factlonlsm has been rampant in the city hall which has resulted in a situation which is not for the best interests of San Bernardino. Terms to suit and your old car taken in trade, Iany others to choose from. Every car has a day guarantee. You Are Hereby Notified that an action was commenced In tho Superior Court of the State of California, 49108 and for the County of San Bernardino, by filing a complaint in the Clerk’s office of said court ldy the date hereof in which action Veterans’ Wolfare Board of the State nf California is plaintiff, and you are defendants.

Miller, also known as Emma R, Slater, Deceased.

Page 23 — San Bernardino Sun 30 March — California Digital Newspaper Collection

L’ for recorderfqr a demonstration. Sub mit, uwner, raui zscneue, enow chllla.

NEW “Chevrolet landau 6. In the Matter of the Estate of James T.

Best of condition, double garage, lawn and shrubbery. Ralphs said In part: Henderson in arranging the program. There was no objection to his being granted a delay, but the council was In no mood to again hold up the work, particularly when Mr. Bitgood, deceased, and for the issuance of Letters Testamentary thereon to rredencK s.

Friends are Invited to attend the services. Deceased, and for the issuance of Letters Testamentary thereon to James Randolph Wells will be heard at You Are Hereby Directed to appear end answer stild complaint within ten no auys irnrn tne service or this summons, exclusive of tho day of service, It served on you in the ssld County of Sen Bernardino, and within thirty 30 days, exclusive of the day of service, if served elsewhere. The damage has been done, is being done and will continue to be done as long as the present situation- exists at tho city hall.

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lry Reference Is hereby made to said petition, filed herein, for further particulars. Phone 13 ACRES of walnuts for income proD’ erty, 6 acres of walnuts for clear property, 5 acres of walnuts for good residence, 10 walnuts, oranges and alfalfa, want mcomo property. A group of National Players will present an especially prepared version of “Huckleberry Finn” for the radio audience.

Presentación Tesis Maestria by Samuel Beard on Prezi

Gorman, and “also all other persons unknown claiming any pey, title, estate, lien, or Interest in the real property described in the complaint adverse to plaintiff’s ownership, or any cloud upon plaintiff’s title thereto, Greetings: Dated March 21, Will consider trade, Inquire owner. BoxBarstow, Calif. Bitgooa will be heard at Call, Attorney, Los Angeles. Shown, by appointment only, A.

San Bernardino Sun, Volume 64, Number 30, 30 March 1929 — Page 23

Morrison, East C street, Ontario, a daughter. Bltgood for the Probato of Will of Frederick C. The goal set for the drive la 12S new members.

Call, or delivered to the undersigned executor at nis residence at Seaview Avenue. Combs’ objection to the project was Interpreted as an attempt to delay it until after the city election on April 8. The system should be divided into sections, the sprinklers being fastened to a pipe line following each truss across the building, to be turned on by a hand-opened valve.

IrrlNation I” big grape section 4fl ml. Phone Owner Gone Real Inducement for all cash down to the first mortgage. Both of Los Angeles.

Will be open for inspection Sunday from 10 a. Pleny of garden room, fireplace, hardwood floors, newly painted and decorated. In which we are all stockholders. North end location and a real value with an opportunity to pay for it on terms.

Must be sen to tie npiireelated.