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Here is an LGB MTS Locomotive Decoder. This upgraded Multi-Train System decoder offers quieter operation and programmable back-EMF circuitry to . Find great deals for LGB Digital MTS LOCO Decoder Does Not Work for Parts Only. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for LGB G Scale MTS Locomotive Decoder. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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LGB – Multi-Train System Decoder | #

B chip ref no if this is a reasonable chip to put in maybe a stainz or something like that? Also, you are limited to decoders that support 14 speed lbg. A common situation is where the box says something about DCC, yet it does not really mean that there is a decoder in the loco.

Resources Latest reviews Search resources. It was based on a communications protocol developed by Siemens.

Be sure to get the manual on the loco and what the switches do first. Thread starter Phil Start date 13 Apr Were 550200 LGB decoders as reliable as the newer decoders? I suspect these switches are the ones that connect the track pickups directly to the motor, and also wire the lights to the motor.


This can be further compounded when mixing LGB system components with other manufacturer’s. The early system were limited in many ways. Sometimes it’s hard to know what LGB decoder you have, and even 50520 difficult to know what their capabilities are.

LGB 55020 Digital MTS LOCO Decoder Does Not Work for Parts Only

You wouldn’t need a parallel system to reprogram it. If 55002 have a serial command station, then only certain decoders will operate on your layout. Sammler Registered 2 Apr In my opinion, newer decoders are so much more capable with so many new features that I would give strong consideration to replacing any decoder that is serial only or no sound for that matter.

MTS 2P was released sometime lgn, and was the same as MTS 2, but allowed both serial and for the first time parallel function commands. Media New media New comments Search media. The train mouse seems to only be in serial mode. It’s like abut older technology.

Serial means that the F1 key “strokes” were sent at 1 second intervals so you can see that this was slow. Were they short addressing only?

LGB Instruction Manual (Page 8 of 16)

Calendar Monthly Weekly Agenda Archive. You can press a function key to verify multiple flashes or a single flash serial or parallel respectively.


By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. The system is limited to 14 speed steps. When a limitation is encountered, many people are confused where in the system the limtation exists. You’ll find that the motor buzzes because the PWM frequency isn’t very high, and there is no back EMF detection, so trains can run away downhill I have a true head in hands experience of this.

LGB 55020 Decoder?

The only way to read back CV’s is to use the computer interface need software versions, how to download, etc. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

Zerogee Clencher’s Bogleman 1 Apr The ‘buzzing’ noise doesn’t worry me, just as long as it’s reliable. Zman Registered 13 Apr It’s an older version Phil Trains, Just Trains.