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TO N, P AND K FERTILIZATION IN THE NORTH OF OAXACA, MEXICO РA CASE STUDY. The response to NPK fertilization of six-year-old litchi trees, cultivar. Index terms Air layering; Litchi chinensis Sonn; propagation. Resumo Agriculture Tecnica in Mexico, M̩xico, v n, p. , TO N, P AND K FERTILIZATION IN THE NORTH OF OAXACA, MEXICO РA CASE _5 AN OVERVIEW OF LITCHI (LITCHI CHINENSIS) PRODUCTION BY.

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Water oozed out will cause hypoxia at the conjunction between the scion and rootstock, which prevents healing process. Rooting media Sphagnum moss Fig. China Agriculture Press, As a result, the scion cultivar is multiplied.

The unit plant is allowed to grow, where the rootstock contributes to the root system while the scion to the canopy. The seminal root develops into a tap root system with a dominant central axis that allows faster penetration to deeper soil compared with cuttings or air layers. Ethrel was sprayed twice on the stock plant meexico 10 days interval before taking the cuttings. Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura, Jaboticabal, v. They are also very mexioc to bear, usually 10 years or more Menzel, and because of this are not appropriate for commercial plantings and are only used as rootstocks for grafting and for research and breeding purposes.

Shoots in full sun rooted better They are adapted by developing leaves that repel water, and are called laurophyll or lauroid leaves.

The scion used in this method can be a short budstick with only one bud.

Litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn) propagation. New Technologies and innovations

Retrieved 24 November In Queensland Australia, semi-hardwood and hardwood cuttings, collected from cv. CientificaJaboticabal, v. Treating the cuttings with plant growth regulators particularly auxins has been widely practiced to increase the percentage of cuttings that from roots, to hasten root initiation and to increase the number and quality of roots produced per cutting. The diameter of stem at girdling point should be cm and its length above this point should be cm.


Plants must be free from any insect traces mainly bark drillers and from diseases. The mixture that is obtained must ensure a good draining of the irrigation water, a good cjinensis of the roots and so on.

Therefore, budbreak will be delayed if budwood is taken from the shaded shoots compared with that from the exposed shoots. However, whip grafting is useful when the stem diameters of the budwood and rootstock are similar so that perfect contact of their cambium tissue will be ensured. Mexicl, it possesses all the advantages of vegetative propagation methods, such as maintenance of the wanted traits of the to-be-propagated varieties, and early bearing due to no juvenile phase is present as scions are taken from plants in adult phase.

In Brazil, cuttings taken from terminal shoots of year-old plants in July exhibited 72 per cent survival Leonel et al. The rind is inedible but easily removed to expose a layer of translucent white fleshy aril with a floral smell and a fragrant, sweet flavor.

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With untouched crown, the leaves are removed and potted. Handbook of fruit science and technology: Actually Consultant in Tropical Fruits, E-mail: The best response was obtained with IBA at mg l-1 prolonged soaking for 24h or 3, mg l-1 quick dipping for 5 seconds.

Choosing the compatible rootstock is a precondition for grafting success and quick tree establishment. The highly heterozygotic characteristic of this species prevents the commercial propagation by seeds. Planting of cuttings for rooting Cuttings are chinensls fairly deep cm to reduce the danger of drying and to give support.


In the case of alkaline water the pH should be corrected wit nitric, sulphuric or phosphoric acid. The litchi botany production and uses. Science and Culturev. Growth is best on well-drained, slightly acidic soils rich in organic matter and mulch.

Metabolic changes during adventitious root formation in Ethrel and IBA treated cuttings of litchi. It also takes longer than air-layering or cutting as grafting needs to start with preparing seedlings of the rootstock, which takes around a year from seed sowing to when seedlings are ready to use.

The Journal of Nutrition. Brief viability of tropical seeds. The mother plant blocks in the nursery should be in the sunniest situation with necessary irrigation facilities. When preparing seedlings for rootstock, only fully developed seeds should be chosen. To facilitate transplanting, they should be at a distance of not less than double their length sown around cm Propagation by air layering This is the most widely used propagation method for litchi and the one which gives the most successful results.

The fleshy, edible portion of the fruit is an arilsurrounding one dark brown inedible seed that is 1 to 3.

Early budbreak of the scion will encourage early healing of the joint and reduce the chance of scion death due to desiccation. Thin branches give rise to air layers with a poor root system and smaller trees which took longer to come to bearing. Moreover, production of air layers are at the expense hcinensis reduced productivity of source trees in the next seasons, because these branches are finally removed, reducing foliage area for fruit set.