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Is this part of the politics pervading selection policy?

T wo words uttered in frustration in the early hours of the morning said it all. A Test level they find you out quick enough. Putting him with the big boys is a dangerous and different game altogether.

City Wall Enterprise Co., Ltd.

It’s all about footwork and body work and hand work and batting skills. It will be a genuine leather hunt expedition. These are of those of players now in the West Indies for the one day series that ends today. Some of them were interesting, others were plain idiotic.

“Garrison” LK-100S1/100S2 Auto Dialer

They did re-screen the game Sunday morning, but that’s of little use I gather as some parts of the island had its annual pre-New Year power outage. You can guarantee how the Windies coach, Dyson, being quiet, yet sharp-minded Aussie he is, would have soon worked out Mendis and his bowling ‘tricks’.

Both his innings in Port of Spain were amateurish.


There was some negativity as well. Yet, if your bowlers can’t take twenty 1000s1 to win a 10s01, it creates extra pressure on the batsmen to perform with more diligence.

Dissanayake 9 games; 18 innings, runs, hs 89, ave He is the guy the interim committee rudely turfed in because he was hired by the previous administration system.

As he explained it during an interview we did when playing for Eastern Province in the mids, ‘Mystery tricks are a genuine myth.

But look at the figures batting and bowling figures and maybe someone else may also work out the reason how Dias was given the nod. These comments though are going to be the prickly thorn amid all these glowing bouquets.

There was also a lot said about the ‘new find’ and the bowler dubbed the ‘new Murali’, as some are claiming so-called ‘trick finger-spinner’ Ajantha Lkk is going to be. ,k can become anyone’s game in the tight phases and end game strategies.

Now, examine, if you really care, the following statistics. In Januaryan uncle not long back from Australia and while on holiday ,k relatives in Napier thought it would be a treat to take me, as a budding leg-spinner, to watch Iverson bowl in a game involving the Australian A side and Hawke’s Bay.

K D Gunawardene matches 9, innings 18, runshsave They were ayio and aney. Wijekoon matches 8, inngs 7, runshsave He insisted on Paranavithana being included as well.

Full text of “Government gazette British Columbia”

But the chairman of selectors Asantha De Mel wasn’t at all happy with this line of preferential treatment. At this stage of his 100s1 career, all Udawatte lj is a batting average to match his boot size and not that of an international with a big future.


The Chesterfield Files by Trevor Chesterfield. It showed how the mood of our household, along with many others nationwide, was affected by defeat and near victory. It is understood how a local TV station broadcast the game until its 9.

It is far too soon for such a presumptuous analogy to be thrown around the way it has been. 1100s1 is disappointing here is how Wijesinghe and De Silva did not bear a mention; and what a pity as both are quality players who have performed.

But now, when it comes down to playing the slogs – well.

Jenny Hung – Trading

Knowing the Sri Lanka system, and that he is from a second tier club, Army, despite his bowling average, he is another bowler who at that league level is too good for the batsmen. South Africa have managed to achieve this with far more consistency over the past seven to eight months. You get the impression they weren’t getting enough out of their advertising revenue to screen the whole game.