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“Llana of Gathol” is a collection of four novellas written in the Martian series of Edgar Rice Burroughs which was written for Amazing Stories in Llano, the . Barsoom. Barsoom is a fictional version of the planet Mars invented by author Edgar Rice Burroughs for a series of action adventure stories. In , Burroughs . The final Barsoom volume: John Carter races to save his granddaughter Llana of Gathol from destruction; in John Carter of Mars, he must rescue his beloved.

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Their bellies are white, and their legs shade gradually from the slate color lllana their bodies to a vivid yellow at the feet, which are heavily padded and nailless. You have been held by the hypnotic power of this mad creature. I had to check out the Barsoom wiki when Tan Hadron of Hastor shows up.

The stories themselves aren’t bad; one thing I found jarring, however, was the frequent reuse of de Maybe a 3. From our dizzy footing on that precarious trail we had an excellent view of the valley below. What surprised me was that I was not surprised. They were armed with bows and arrows; and they sent a volley of missiles after the escaping quarry, whom they could never hope to overtake, and who was soon out of range of their weapons.

He was a pompous braggart who managed to abduct her and steal her more modern ship.

Of course kf was wishful thinking, but it was also quite accurate thinking. As no fate can be worse than falling into the hands of these cruel monsters, we hurried on in the hope of crossing their path before we were discovered.

It means that as long as life lasts that sword is at the service of him at whose feet it has been laid.

He told Gahan of Gathol had decided to honor him by taking me, Llana of as his wife. Please try again later. We rested in the middle of the day and slept during the middle portion of the nights, taking turns standing guard—a duty gatbol Llana of Gathol insisted on sharing with us. I would let Hin Abtol find out for himself. I crept into it and lowered the lid above me.


The book was great moving fa I should write a review of the plot in these reviews for my own memory.

A warrior may lay his sword at the feet of a man or a woman. Pan Llqna Chee, to whose aid you came, has pleaded that we permit you to go your way; but such is not the law of Horz.

These amazing little instruments may be set for any point upon Barsoom and at any altitude. Each adult Martian female brings forth about thirteen eggs each year; and those which reach the correct size, weight and specific gravity are hidden in the recesses of some subterranean vault where the temperature is too low for incubation.

Llana of Gathol

The copyright for this story has expired in Australia, and thus now resides in the public domain there. At the same time I was doing a little thinking on my own account. I fought all during the Civil War in the Confederate Army. Therefore, I did not wish to retrace our steps; so I suggested that we rest for a while and discuss our future plans. I’m a little sad that it’s the last real book of the series – there is one more, but it’s a collection of 2 short stories.

After I am gone, see them occasionally. He stepped on low, soft ground; and when he lifted his foot, the water of a slough rushed into his footprint, and there was a lake. This is one memorable sequence, indeed.

Both she and Pan Dan Chee turned and looked in the direction I had indicated, to see two hundred warriors mounted on thoats. Give me back my weapons and let me go. I am under the impression that when you were there the Okarians themselves had never heard of these people.


When I came into the avenue I saw the green man leap to the back of one of six thoats waiting there, and at the same time I saw at least a hundred warriors pouring from a nearby building. That ulsio was the most ferocious and most determined beast I had ever seen, and it gave Pan Dan Chee the fight of his life. As suddenly as he had entered the room, he came to a stop a few feet from me, and so instantly that he was thrown to the floor at my feet. She becomes mad however when she thinks John is in love with Llana.

To the center of the band that crossed his forehead was affixed a flat piece of gold in the shape of a spearhead with the point up. I put every ounce of my will power into a final, terrific effort to break the bonds that held me. It is a sad thing to contemplate.

Very much enjoyed it. Pan Dan Chee told me that they were invented ages ago, and that the lighting results in so little loss of matter that they are practically eternal. Sometimes I am away for weeks on these glorious adventures in solitude. Some of them were split wide open from their crowns to their bellies. You robbed Hor Kai Lan of his harness and weapons.

These were considered “planetary romances” according to one source back when this series from the creator of Tarzan, Edgar Rice Burroughs, was written. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Each episode is neatly played out and then off to the next!