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LOHER DYNAVERT T Series 7. Compact inverter units, cabinet systems, air- cooled and liquid-cooled cabinet units. 05/ Output. Answers for industry. design and adaptation of DYNAVERT, as motors and drive inverters are developed, closely harmonized with one another. Loher DYNAVERT® drive inverters. Parameterizing the DYNAVERT L.. The output side of DYNAVERT L inverters is stable at no load, LOHER GmbH, D Ruhstorf.

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Motor cable length shielded or non-shielded: Turn on more accessible mode.

Turn off more accessible mode. Speed feedback for induction motors: Direct forced air cooling, automatic temperature control. Skip directly to content.

They have a fully controlled B6 bridge circuit on the line side and a B6 inverter circuit on the output side, which utilizes the principle of interphase commutation; this distributes dynavrrt DC link current from the DC link reactors with a square waveform with frequency f to the motor winding.

Technical data overview Rated input voltage Typ. Direct forced air cooling, automatic temperature control To the top of the page.

Loher Dynavert Drive System

Line supply cos phi 1: Their equipping means that they can be easily used in all operating environments — even in hospitals and chemical plants. They can control both synchronous as well as induction motors.


This is the reason that no additional wiring is required. Output voltage basic fundamental: Two closed-loop control types for induction motors: Safe, reliable and disturbance-free operation using the integrated filter, reactors and contactor s for the travel commands.

Dynavertt benefits Compact and ready-to-connect unit with integrated EMC filter, line reactor, braking chopper, braking resistor and a quiet contactor for the travel commands. Depending on the particular requirement, they can be flexibly used for supply voltages extending from V to V. Possible with induction motors up to 1. IP21, higher degrees of protection optionally available.

LOHER DYNAVERT I Current-Source Inverters – Drive Technology – Siemens

IP20 Ambient temperature, storage: Tools Drive Technology Drive Technology. Speed feedback for synchronous motors: Up to an elevator power of 30 kW the drive unit can be accommodated in a control cabinet with a depth of mm. Low Voltage Converters go.

Turn on more accessible mode. For regenerative operation, the rectifier on the line-side feeds the regenerated dynaverh back into the line supply. Djnavert for motors located in hazardous zones with Accessory kit S, also with very long motor cable length. Customer benefits Cabinet units in IP21 or higher degrees of protection All of the drive units have their own connection space Compact dimensions Equipped with radio interference suppression Low harmonics fed back into the line supply, mainly on and pulse versions Almost unlimited motor cable lengths possible inherent to the system High overvoltage strength, e.


Search Search term s Search. Transparent operator control and setting using a menu-prompted 4-line plain text display with membrane keypad at the drive inverter — or up to m away in the main control room via RS Comfortable operation possible — even without speed feedback for asynchronous motors, up to approx. Depends on the motor Line supply frequency: Typical applications Elevators for passengers and loads, implemented as cable elevators according to DIN EN Inclined elevators To the top of the page.

Turn off more accessible mode.

LOHER DYNAVERT Drive System – Drive Technology – Siemens

Selection and Engineering Tools go. Medium Voltage Converters go.

Search Search term s Search. IP21, higher degrees of protection optionally available To the top of the page.