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Lajja is a most popular (Famous) book of Taslima Nasrin. Just click & download. If you want to read online, please go to (✅Click For Read Online) button and. Pdf Bangla Book Lajja By Taslima Nasrin. Download or read Bengali pdf book online. Lajja is a very nice book by Taslima Nasrin. BDeBooks made a pdf format . Taslima Nasrin, on account of her personal experience of childhood The female characters in Lajja: Kironmoyee, Maya, and Shammima.

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The violence around continues unabated Similarly Surnajan seems to remember sayings of Jinnah and Kalam okay as well as the constitution along with the many amendments that have gone in it not okay. The helplessness of Hindu women Kafir in Muslim land lpjja narrated. Hindus don’t get licences to start business except when it is in a partnership with a Muslim. Lajja tells the story of a Hindu family, torn between their love towards lush green motherland they and their ancestors fought Independence for, and the choice of escape to India for the safety of their lives.

A feminist writer denounces treatment of women as objects of lust, physical and psychological violence. Scan qualities very good.

Meski harta bendanya telah habis dirampas dan mereka harus tinggal di rumah kontrakan. He even thought of committing suicide but thought that it taslims be so cowardly an act.

Lojja by Taslima Nasrin.pdf

The society depicted in Lajjais deeply patriarchal. Lajja has total 33 edition. Return to Book Page. Almost all Sufi poets talk about wine; and what do you think that ‘somras’ that Hindu dieties loved drinking so much was?

Lajja means shame, is a response to anti-Hindu riots which erupted in parts of Bangladesh, soon after the demolition of Babri Masjid in India on 6 December Hasan Al i want read this book.

Lajja- Tasleema Nasrin

In Bangladesh, only Islam is synonymous with humaneness as only Muslims are considered as human beings. The theme of the novel is the evil side of communalism which unfortunately is still relevant in the sub-continent even after more than two decades since the book was published. Which translated version of this book is better to read, English or Hindi? Seperti sering kita saksikan, agama menjadi lem perekat yang kuat bagi para pemeluknya di mana-mana.


Yet, the fact that Hindus destroyed the Masjid is reason enough for Muslim fundamentalists in Bangaldesh to inflict a spate of atrocities against the minority Hindu population. Your heart goes out to him. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

The novelist demonstrates how the abduction of Hindu girls has been common in Bangladesh and how the hooligans do not have any kind of fear. The double marginalization of women on religious grounds on the one hand and their gender identity on the other is another crucial aspect in the novel. Belonging to a minority community Hinduthe Dutta family faces multitude of problems solely for the reason of being a Hindu.

Something, that many of us feel today when we come across such incidents.

Beruntung dapat pinjaman dari Nurul. Punya hak-kah orang lain untuk mendakwa saya masuk golongan tertentu? There is discrimination in job allocation with almost no Hindus ever making to upper steps of hierarchical ladder.

It is a story of metamorphosis, in which disastrous lpjja create disillusionment, resulting in violence and resentment. Juga bagi umat yang minoritas yang ternyata tak punya kekuatan untuk melakukan perubahan.

Lajja: Shame by Taslima Nasrin

At times you will feel sheer hatred towards the crime committed against a specific sect, and at times you feel pity towards humans who take religion above everything else in this world. However, when Maya grew up as a young girl of 19, the ominous day of 11th December came.

They were all about twenty-one years old. Nasreen delves into the lives of each of Dutta’s and shows how much of trauma tsalima undergo. The same thought system has been instilled in his son Suronjon. Coming to the characters, the Datta family comprises of Sudhamoy, his wife Kironmoyee, their son Suronjon and their daughter Maya. Lajja, it means shame in Bengali.


Adalah mesjid Babri di Ayodya India yang menjadi pangkal mulanya. Pain of parents and Suranjan has been described in nadrin picture perfect way. Views Read Edit View history. Thus, the females as portrayed in the lljja are nothing more than objects to be used by the male predators to satiate their lust. But actually it is a thinly disguised factual account of all the gruesome violence that took place in Bangladesh: Open Preview See a Problem? Lajja describes the atrocities against Hindu minorities by Muslim fundamentalists and her main message in it is Let humanism be the other name of religion.

But truth must be told. The factual data presented throughout the book may dwindle the reader’s interest, however, this is justified by the motif to bring into light the intensity of the massacre which was condoned so says the book by the bangladesh A devastating account of the nasrni of Babri Masjid in India and its inhumane reverberations in the lives of millions of Hindus in Bangladesh.

Sebenarnya Lajja adalah novel fiksi ttp fakta2 nyata yg diungkapkan oleh Taslima Nasreen ttg negerinya sangat mengerikan. He eventually came up with a remedy as he thought something else. This article needs additional citations for verification. Tutul Gupta translates Lajja to English. Certain questions like what the abductors must be doing with Maya; tasluma they louja have tied up her legs and then raped her one by one; how she must be tolerating the pain; whether she would be living or dead etc.