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Look at Me [Anita Brookner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A lonely art historian absorbed in her research seizes the opportunity to. I had such a mistaken idea about Anita Brookner’s novels, until I picked up Julian Barnes remembers his friend Anita Brookner: ‘There was no one remotely like her’ . ‘Look at Me’, her third novel, is my personal favorite. Look At Me () by Anita Brookner Frances Hinton is an introspective woman, ‘ loyal and well-behaved and uncritical’, with aspirations to.

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A brilliant little novel that nails the experience of trying, with all one’s heart, to become someone society might want to know. I am used to being on my own and sometimes I doubt whether I could endure a lot of excitement. So it does share that similarity but is much more introspective and contemplative. The novels of the first decades have stronger stories and more characters, more happens. She refers to it repeatedly as ‘the time of which I never speak’ — a falsehood, as she often narrates its effect on her, but the circumstances are never properly revealed.

Once I followed a girl in the street simply because she looked so lucky that I could not tear myself away from her.

The arc of the lpok character’s storyline was like a single rolling wave, so smooth you don’t even realize you’re riding it until you’ve crested and come down the other side. This remains an academic question, for I have never yet been tempted in this way. You are commenting using your WordPress. Review originally published at Learn This Phrase.


The five best Anita Brookner novels

Fortunately, I am not a hysterical person. And writing is the enemy of forgetfulness, ania thoughtlessness. Thanks for telling us about the problem. This novel seems to me one of her best; certainly it moved me profoundly and I will not soon forget it.

Until, that is, a carelessly glamorous couple, Dr Nick Fraser and his wife Alix, take an interest in her and involve her in their social life. Brooknee character and theme emerge from plot and event rather than from exposition. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Frances vaguely tells about her experiences with loneliness- late mother, lost friends, some tragic love lost that she is afraid to mention in detail; afraid she will revisit.

Frances is also a clear precursor to the eponymous antiheroine of Ottessa Moshfegh’s Eileenand has a similar effect on the reader — she is both heartbreaking and maddening. November 16, at 2: You feel if you want to tell Frances to wake up. But then Fanny is taken up by a young psychiatrist and his wife, Nick and Olivia Forbes–a dazzling couple, both separately and together: View all 5 comments. Brookber even find her a very shy beau: Frances, however, lacks the often comic voice of Houghton’s narrator although there are some moments of dry humour — and I found it interesting that she so often insists her own stories are very funny.


In connection to recent literary pursuits of mine, her loneliness had me thinking of E. And of course I never speak of them.

Sometimes the scenes and people one observes impart their own message of exclusion. I read it simply because I liked the title. Alix and Nick a narcissistic couple take her under their wing. Nov 18, Luisa Fer rated it really liked it. She has much brooknsr common with Brookner but the most important thing is that she is a writer and as such an obsessive observer of people. For once a thing is known it can never be unknown.

The five best Anita Brookner novels | Books | The Guardian

But sublimely statuesque style and poignant characters. There is of course the possiblility you have read this, if so what did you think?

It is interesting that the initial part of the book that bored me with the descriptions of depression and melancholy ahita in a way what this book is about.

There are indicators that the novel is set in the era of its publication, the early s, but they are few and far between: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.