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sportivi, ha approvato oggi il progetto di bilancio di esercizio e il .. relativa agli anni , , e per Euro 30,3 milioni. e il bilancio consolidato redatto secondo i principi contabili IAS/IFRS. . del Piano Performance Share attribuito il 28 aprile Website, in the version last amended on December 21, Board of Cole National was acquired in October by Luxottica, an eyewear .. Durata in carica: FINO APPROVAZIONE DEL BILANCIO al 31/12/

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Board of directors report for stockholders meeting publicly-available.

Notice luxottic an Italian newspaper to be published on April 7, Armani Group and Luxottica sign exclusive license agreement. Google Glass to Become Cool?

Google Glass to get ‘cool’ makeover from Ray-Ban maker Luxottica. Alain Mikli pronto a cedere la griffe. Oakley releases revolutionary new snow goggle.

Notice of change in share capital at November 30, For all other information please look for the best contact within the present page. Solid growth in net sales and profitability in the third quarter ofrecord free cash flow. Un business da milioni.


Media | Luxottica

Luxottica Webcast 2Q10 Results. Luxottica and Tory Burch renew eyewear license agreement. Luxottica Group announces audio webcast of 1Q results. By-Laws, October 26, Changes in share capital at February 28, Luxottica Profits, Sales Grow. Proposed combination between Essilor and Luxottica approved in Canada.

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Report on the purchase of treasury shares under buyback program. By-laws, June 30, By Laws December 14, Changes in share capital at 25 August By-Laws August 28, Italian firm lools to leave rivals in shade. Luxottica to issue senior long term notes to private placement institutional investors.

By posting and contributing to our social media presence you represent and agree: Luxottica Group announces audio webcast of 1Q net sales results. Notice on an Italian newspaper to be published on May 11, An eye to the future of luxury pdf Interview with Andrea Guerra. Luxottica Group majority shareholder Delfin S.

Luxottica continues solid growth in first quarter of Luxottica launches new open digital platform and announces the creation of an Industry Consultancy Panel in North America. Start of the period for the submission of the requests for sale.


lixottica By Laws November 27, Information related to the departure of Enrico Cavatorta. By-Laws, October 31, Follow us on Linkedin. Per Luxottica Armani vale milioni. Notice on an Italian newspaper to be published on May 14, Net sales improve in the second quarter, record net margin in the first half of