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Man Whence How And Whither. by Annie Besant; Leadbeater, C. W. Publication date Topics PHILOSOPHY. PSYCHOLOGY, Philosophy of mind. Man: Whence, How and Whither [Annie Besant, Charles Leadbeater] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A theosophical classic about the. This knowledge should be part of the curriculum of schools. If you want a broad and comprehensive view of history, this book is a must read item. Fascinating.

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There were many domesticated animals, some of them used for draught purpose and for riding.

The religious student will think of the seven Ameshaspentas of the Zoro- astriaii, of the seven Spirits before the throne of God of the Christian: Nan marked it as to-read Oct 05, When they individualise through the growth of intelligence, the intellect is ready to submit to discipline, to co-operate, to see the ad- vantages of united effort, and the necessity for obedience.

We noticed especially two of the ship-loads, because we ourselves formed part of them; one included the coming Manu and Bodhisattva, those who are now Chohans and Masters, together with many of the Serves who are now disciples, or approaching that level. The student should select a line of any colour in the first circle and trace it carefully on- wards.

When the mind has been thus strengthened to a certain point in contact with men, albeit along most undesirable lines, individualisation results; in one case we observed that a creature’ s mate was killed, and there was a great rush of hatred and passionate revenge, causing individualisation; in another a lynx-like animal individualised by an intense desire to inflict pain, as yielding a sense of power over others; but here again the stimulus was a malign human influence and example.

The upper ones are reached by steps inside one of the pillars on the ground floor, and winding round the central pillar above.

In one life to which our attention was attracted by the curious agricultural proceedings, Sirius was the wife of a small farmer, who employed other men. When we turn to the mineral kingdom, we are among those some of whom will become men on the Moon Chain, and some on the Earth Chain. Yet, as the infant of a day contains within himself the potentialities of his sire, so do we, the offspring of God, contain within ourselves the potentialities of Divinity.

Man Whence How And Whither : Annie Besant : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Without whtiher Schemes it could not be, ohw its higher inhabitants began not here their evolution. The nearest approach to such action is on globe Whirher, where the animal-like thought-forms reach upwards attracting the attention of the subtle centres floating above them; then more of the life of the Spirit pulses out into the centres, and they anchor themselves to the thought-forms and ensoul them, and the thought-forms become human.


These mammals are curious creatures, small but extraordinarily active; the most advanced of them are monkey-like in form, making enormous leaps. It is touching to see his dumb fidelity to his mistress; his eyes follow her everywhere as she moves about; the child Surya nurses him tenderly, and his monkey comrades, Alcyone and Mizar, hang round him; gradually his intelligence, fed by love, grows stronger, until the lower mind, reaching up, draws down response from the higher, and the causal body flashes into being, shortly before his death.

These islands were lost in 75, B. One group of these is specially interesting to us, because they formed part of one division of the ‘Lords of the Moon’ the group called Barhishad Pitrs in The Secret Doctrine who superintended the keadbeater of forms on our Earth Chain. A volume of these, named Lives of Alcyone, will shortly be published, and to that will be appended full genealogical tables, showing the in each life hhow all the characters so far identified.

Insect life was voluminous and gigantic, and served largely as food leavbeater the carnivorous trees. Title page to the first edition, Women were scarce at the time, and a plurality of husbands was very common. The chief interest of the Chain is in the evolution of the Shining Ones the Devas, or Angels those who live habitually on these high levels; while the lower evolutions seem to play a subsidiary part.

Sinnett’s ‘ Third-class Pitrs’.

The inside pith of the stems is a little like arrowroot, and the juice, squeezed out, yields a coarse sweet sugar. These are like underground burrows going a long way and communicating with each other, a regular labyrinth; ce entrance-door is made of a huge slab of stone, resting on upright smaller stones as pillars. As a General has his Staff, the members of which carry his messages to any part of the field, so are These the Staff hiw Him who commands all, “Ministers of His that do His pleasure”.

There is a humanity there, a very glorified humanity, product of some hwo evolution, which is here to complete its human course on this Chain see the top right hand circle in the first Chain in Diagram IV ; hereon each entity will acquire his lowest body– in the fourth globe of each Round– the body of mental matter which is the densest yow Chain can give.

This difference will come out on ahd Earth Chain at a more advanced stage of evolution, and the two sub-groups reach the Earth in the fourth Round with an interval ofyears between them, apparently planned to bring them to birth together at a certain period, when their joint services would all be required; so minute in its details is the Great Plan.


The savages are now fly- ing in all directions, and Mars, feeling the fall of some creature against his back, staggers, and, re- covering himself, turns.

That great Sage, Plato, one of the world’ s master-intellects, whose lofty ideas have dominated European thought, makes the pregnant statement: And so we launch our ship on the stormy ocean of publicity, to face its destiny and find its fate.

He puts water in- to a bowl made of the shell of a fruit, and, taking a small seed-like ball out of his pocket, he drops it 44 MAN: They do not regard it as a miraculous gift, nor as an outgrowth from high spirituality, lofty intelligence, or purity of character ; any or all of these may be manifested in a person who is not in the least clairvoyant.

Damijan Jamsek rated it it was amazing Nov 01, He may remain a member of the Occult Hierarchy which rules and guards the world in which He has reached perfection.

From the higher stand- point, a stage had been reached beyond which these savages were incapable of advancing on the Moon Chain, bodies suitable to their low stage of evolu- tion being no longer available. Leaving this– we still follow the blue line– it climbs into the Vegetable Kingdom of the fifth Chain, sending off its laggards to the Mineral Kingdom of this Chain, and taking up the laggards of the Vegetable Kingdom of the fourth Chain. John Prentice in an article Clairvoyant Research criticized the book of the authors.

The people were becoming a little more civilised under the influence of Mercury, and when Mars, recovered, decided to return to the city, Mercury resolved to remain awhile with the devoted tribe he was educating.

Man Whence How And Whither

He recognizes his faithful animal defender, bends over his dying servant, and places his head in his lap. Leasbeater of The Pedigree of Man must correct it by this, and by details given wihther, for I was led into a mistake by the double use of the word in The Secret Doctrine. In this record comparatively few details as to persons can be given, the sweep of the story being so large.

The harvest was rather a nightmare.